The people behind Metrilytics

Robin Lundström

Robin Lundström holds the position of CEO within Metrilytics, where he leads the development and design of the gas analysis system. He takes on the responsibility of leading the efforts to bring the Online Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry system to the market successfully.  Alongside these duties, Robin also manages the consulting aspects of the business, providing guidance and insights to clients.

Casimir Misiewicz

With a background in chemistry, Casimir Misiewicz has over seven years of lab experience and three in gas analysis. His primary focus has revolved around bridging the domains of Online Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry and large-format battery cells, with the goal of advancing battery technology in both academia and industry. He uses the skills gained from industrial collaborations to bring research and the commercial sphere closer together.

Erik J. Berg

 Prof. Erik J. Berg of Uppsala University has dedicated over a decade to research and education in the field of rechargeable batteries. His primary focus lies in the development and application of advanced analytical methods to fundamentally understand chemical processes at the molecular level in batteries. Among the central approaches in focus is Online Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry, a technique of which Prof. Berg is acknowledged as a leading expert worldwide.